Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems

Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems from Cultiva Systems can help your plants growThe commercial cannabis industry is taking off. There are currently 17 states with legalized recreations marijuana. States that recently legalized marijuana like New York, Virginia, or New Mexico, are looking for new business opportunities and development in the marijuana industry. If you’re hoping to rely on the marijuana business to support your livelihood, now is the time to start. But in order to be successful, you’ll need powerful Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems to support your plant’s growth throughout the year.

Cultiva Systems is an all-in-one system that helps grow marijuana plants indoors. With superior climate control, scaling capabilities, dehumidification, and air quality control monitoring all in one unit, you’ll be impressed by how much of a difference our system can make. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business grow.

Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems You Need To See Success in The Commercial Cannabis Industry

Cultiva Systems is a powerful HVAC system for commercial-sized indoor grow rooms. Our systems are specifically designed for large quantities of cannabis plants. Cultiva System’s air conditioners can handle capacities from 10 tons to 45 tons. Our units can be roof-mounted or wall-mounted, depending on your space, and our load sizes are flexible. This means as you expand your growing operation, our HVAC system can grow with you.

When you work with Cultiva Systems to build your custom Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems, you’ll have a partner for life. Our powerful HVAC system isn’t for hobby growers or lukewarm enthusiasts. We’re as serious about growing our business as much as you are. That’s why you can rely on us for support whenever you need it. We work with you to troubleshoot your issues throughout the process to ensure that you have the best System & Environment to grow your best products.

Co2 Systems

Grow More with a Commercial Cannabis HVAC systemPlants inhale Co2 and exhale oxygen. In the natural outdoor environment, the oxygen would dissolve into the air, but when contained in a grow room, the oxygen needs somewhere to go, and Co2 needs to come from somewhere. There is a particular balance that needs to be maintained in your grow rooms in order for your plants to produce the desired results.

Cultiva Systems has made it easier than ever to achieve this perfect balance between oxygen and Co2 levels. All of our units include a built-in web server so you can monitor and record data about the air content. You can tell if you’ve added too much Co2 that day, or not enough. The web server can be accessed from any device and can have multiple users, reports, and alerts. This technology really takes the guesswork out of growing marijuana.

Dehumidification & Air Quality Control

Grow rooms are known to be humid, but too much humidity can be bad for plants. Many large-scale growers rely on multiple pieces of equipment like pool dehumidifiers to combat this issue. Cultiva Systems Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems include a powerful dehumidifier to ensure that your rooms stay comfortable.

When you have better control of the air quality in your grow rooms, you’ll notice a few things. The first will be that you will have fewer pests. Being indoors keeps bugs and parasites out of your growing areas. With fewer pests, you’ll need fewer pesticides. When you have better control of the air quality, your plants will react accordingly. They’ll grow larger and stronger than you had predicted. This improvement in air quality and growth might make you reconsider your need for chemical fertilizers to stimulate growth.

When it comes to growing a plant that is commonly inhaled, standards might vary by state about the purity of marijuana products. With fewer chemicals needed to grow and protect your plants, you’ll be able to meet these purity standards easily.

Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling

Our Indoor Cannabis HVAC SystemAt night, plants give off extra heat which can make the room very uncomfortable for both plants and people. There is a delicate line between cooling the room without overcooling. Many marijuana growers use lights to heat their rooms or hot water to maintain their growing environment and combat over-cooling in the grow rooms. But all this extra equipment makes your carbon footprint larger and your utility bills higher.

The reason our Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems are able to dehumidify grow rooms so well is our energy-efficient compressor. We use powerful heat-absorbing technology to cool the air and then retransmit it into your grow rooms. With Cultiva Systems, it’s always easy to keep your grow rooms and the ideal temperatures.

Cultiva Systems is a Combination of Many Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems

Before Cultiva Systems, you may have had a combination of a few different Cannabis Indoor Growing Systems to maintain air quality control, humidity, and temperature. But with Cultiva, all these systems are rolled into one energy-efficient, low-maintenance, state-of-the-art HVAC unit. You’ll love seeing your plants grow to their full potential with few chemical additives. You’ll also love the money you save because your grow room is much more energy-efficient than it was before. Contact Cultiva Systems today to learn more about our Indoor Cannabis HVAC Systems today.