Growing The Best Crops Starts By Creating The Ideal Environment

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When it comes to growing produce, cannabis, or herbs, Cultiva Systems is the company you can trust. When it comes to running an Indoor Agriculture Operation, you need the best to grow superior products. With Cultiva Systems, you control the air quality, humidity, and temperature of your growing facility to the optimal levels your plants need to thrive.

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Advantages of Indoor Agriculture

With Indoor Agriculture and Vertical Farming, draughts, freezes, and floods are things of the past.


There are many advantages to indoor agriculture:

• Grow crops all year long. Your plants will grow anytime of the year as long as you provide the correct environment.

• Bugs and pests can be easily eliminated when you grow plants in doors. Decreasing the need for harmful chemical pesticides.

Since it’s easy to control the light source, the dirt, and the pests inside, shouldn’t you be able to control the air too? Your plants need CO2 to grow, are you providing enough of it? Humidity can make plants suffer, how are you combating it?

The answer to all these questions is: Cultiva Systems. Our HVAC system can control CO2 levels, temperature, and can also dehumidify all in one unit. If you’re using a standard commercial air conditioner and a dehumidifier to maintain air quality in your Indoor Agriculture operation, you could be wasting valuable money.

How Cultiva Systems Works

Environmental Improvements

Plants live like they’re outside. They’ll absorb heat and sun during the day and emit excess heat and oxygen at night. Although it might seem like the natural process, these processes alter the air quality in your environment, making it hard for plants to grow to their full potential.

With Cultiva Systems, your HVAC will compliment your plant’s needs, not fight them. You can’t force a plant to grow, but you can help it grow by giving it what it needs most.

Cooling & Dehumdification

Our grow room units provide cooling and dehumidification with full heat recovery all in one unit. No additional heat source is required to keep temperatures where you need them to be when the lights are off.

At night, grow rooms need to be dehumidified without over cooling the space. You could spend money on hot water, gas or electric heat, but that drives your utility costs up. All the heat absorbed by the evaporator and internal heat that is produced by the compressor is recovered, cooled, and retransmitted into the room. Saving you money on energy costs.

Odor Control

When you are in the business of Cannabis Cultivation, the strong odors of your plants might be disturbing to you and those around you.

Cultiva Systems works with Pura Vida Air Systems to provide clean air in your environment, and emit an exhaust without odors.


Cultiva Systems has state-of-the-art HVAC equipment that works for you. We make it easy to control your environment so that you get the most out of it. We start with a customizable approach so you’re not paying too much or too little for energy to control your space. Contact us to get started on your new project.

Customizable Design

We work with customers all over the country to help them grow their indoor agriculture operation. Our units can be installed when you start building or can be added onto existing buildings. Our units can be indoors or outdoors, whichever fits you best.

Cultiva Systems is not a one-size-fits all operation. We work with local mechanical engineers to customize your facility to your specifications which ensures you are getting the most out of your investment.


Limited Maintenance

Your new HVAC system from Cultiva Systems doesn’t require anymore maintenance than a standard commercial air conditioner, despite being capable of doing so much more. You will need to change filters more frequently due to the grow room environment, but you can easily buy them in bulk.


Make the Leap To Indoor Agriculture with Help From Cultiva Systems

Ready to get started? Learn more about our systems and then contact us today! We’re excited to help you start growing.