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Cultiva Systems is ready to help you grow! If you’re ready to grow more in your Indoor Agriculture Facility, contact us. We want to work with you to install an HVAC system that will give you control of your air quality so your plants will thrive!

Benefits Of Working With Cultiva Systems:

Grow More

Your Products Will Grow Faster & Produce Higher Yields

Save On Energy Costs

With Cultiva's superior dehumidification and heat recovery process

Healthier Plants

When plants have properly controlled conditioned air causes less stress and makes them more resistant to disease


Once you start with Cultiva, you have a growing partner for life

Grow More With Cultiva Systems HVAC system designed for Indoor FarmingWe Want To Know More About Your Indoor Agriculture Operation

Before you call Cultiva Systems to start your Indoor Agriculture facility from the ground up, we would like to ask you a few questions first to make sure that our product is a good match for your facility.

1. Are You Planning on Growing in A Pre-Existing or New Building?

Being aware of what control you have over your building is key. If you are leasing a space, check with your landlord to see if you can make big changes to the HVAC system.  If it is an existing building that you own, have your current HVAC system inspected. You should be aware of issues or maintenance that needs to be performed. Understanding your current system can help us build with what is already in place.

If you are building a new facility, congratulations! We want to start with you from the ground up. Starting with a reliable HVAC system will help you build on your successes. Your system will be built for you with your input and structural needs in mind. Your building layout is one of the biggest factors when it comes to installing your HVAC system.

Cannabis Cultivation is one of the main uses of Cultiva Systems2. How Big Is Your Indoor Agriculture Operation?

Knowing the square footage of your growing operation is essential. Our units are based on the size of your grow room, plant canopy area, lighting, and watering rate. Because our units are customizable to your growing area, there is a large range we can accommodate. But we want to emphasize that these units are for large-scale Indoor Farming operations and are not for personal cultivation or hobby usage.

The average grow room we typically see is around 2000 square feet. We have provided equipment for grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet. Contact us to find out more.

3. What Kind of Products Are You Growing?

At Cultiva Systems, we started our operations with cannabis growers. Our systems are ideal for the air cleaning and humidity capabilities our customers desired to grow robust marijuana plants. However, we know there are many more opportunities out there for superior air quality in Indoor Farming facilities.

If you’re growing tomatoes, basil, tobacco, or other crops, Cultiva Systems can customize your system to account for all possible factors.

Our HVAC units can be wall or roof mounted4. Can Your Roof Support An HVAC System?

Many buildings acquired by indoor cultivation companies do not have the structural support needed for rooftop mounted HVAC units. We provide roof top package units that can also be ground mounted. We also provide indoor vertical and horizontal units when the building design requires them. The indoor vertical or horizontal units can be mounted in a hallway or on a mezzanine.

5. Do you have a Mechanical Engineer working on your Project?

When you contact Cultiva Systems, our HVAC engineers work with you to design your custom system. Then we work with mechanical engineers in your area to make our design come to life. We will supervise the operation as well. We want to get to know your Indoor Agriculture facility to learn what is working the best for you.

6. Do you have a Mechanical Contractor to service your Equipment?

When there’s a problem with your HVAC system, it affects more than your comfort. We know that if you’re running an Indoor Farming operation and something isn’t working properly, it could cause big problems. Not just for your crops, but for your livelihood as well.

Cultiva Systems provides unmatched support to the end customer and mechanical contractor servicing the equipment. With remote monitoring on all equipment, we help to identify the issues and direct the mechanical contractor on work to be performed. This expedites any repairs needed to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

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