Best AC For Grow Room

Grow More Marijuana with the Best AC For Grow Room From Cultiva SystemsAir conditioning has made our lives so much better. Regardless of how hot and humid it is outside, our homes and offices are always comfortable. Air conditioning systems aren’t just great for humans, they’re great for plants too. Especially if you’re investing in indoor agriculture, air conditioning can make a big difference for your growing environment. If you’re growing commercial quantities of cannabis, a powerful air conditioner is a must. But not just any air conditioner will do. Cultiva Systems offers the Best AC for Grow Room that is specifically designed for growing large quantities of cannabis.

Cultiva Systems has helped grow rooms all over the United States and Canada to create environments that plants thrive in. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in a hot arid climate, or a cold and snowy one, Cultiva System’s custom approach to every project ensures your plants will grow their best.

Why Cultiva Systems is the Best AC For Grow Room

There are many reasons why you should consider Cultiva Systems for your growing operation. We specialize in helping commercial cannabis grow rooms to find the ideal solutions for their climate control problems. If you’re struggling to maintain and monitor the air quality in your grow room, Cultiva Systems can help. There are many reasons why our customers love us and our HVAC system, but these are just a few of the most common reasons why our customers say Cultiva Systems is the Best AC For Grow Room.

Flexible and Capable of Handling Large Loads

When you have helped as many commercial cannabis growers as we have, nothing surprises us. We have so many customers with varying-sized grow rooms, we wanted to make sure we had the proper equipment to accommodate them all. Our units are capable of maintaining rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet. The most common-sized room we see is 2000 square feet. Our system can handle loads as small as 10 tons, to as large as 45 tons. This is ideal if you’re just starting out in the commercial marijuana industry because our system can grow with you. Cultiva’s HVAC systems can grow with your production needs. Our system can accommodate your small grow room and then expand as you do, without any extra equipment needed.

Our units can be roof-mounted or wall-mounted, depending on your space requirements. And with Pura Vida Air Systems installed, your business stays discreet. Your exhaust system will not clue your neighbors to your operation.

Energy Efficient

Many commercial cannabis growers might have an air conditioner already in their grow rooms, but will tell you that’s not enough. They might add in pool dehumidifiers and heat lamps to maintain the proper temperature and humidity in their grow rooms. With the Best AC For Grow Room by Cultiva Systems, you won’t need this extra equipment to keep your growing environment stable.

During the day, plants absorb moisture and carbon dioxide. At night, they release heat and oxygen. In an outdoor environment, the heat and oxygen would dissipate, but when confined indoors, these emissions can ruin the growing environment. Cultiva System’s units have powerful dehumidification capabilities and absorb and cool the warm and humid air in your grow rooms, and then retransmit it back into the room without any natural gas or extra energy used. Saving you money on extra equipment and utilities.

Innovative Controls & Support

Every unit from Cultiva Systems includes a web server that can be accessed by any device. This server helps our growers monitor the air quality in the grow rooms so you can find the perfect balance that your plants love. You can set alarms, monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 injection, and look up historical data. You can also create user profiles for your employees.

This web server is also a great tool for when you’re experiencing issues. Our Cultiva Systems support team can access your webserver to troubleshoot your problems. Our support team is quick to respond and is there to answer your questions every step of the way. Your success is our success when it comes to how well your plants grow. As you grow, our equipment can grow with you. And if you’re happy with our product, tell your fellow growers that Cultiva Systems is the Best AC For Grow Room.

See For Yourself Why Cultiva Systems is the Best AC For Your Grow Room

If you’re ready to start growing more marijuana in your grow room because you have an ideal growing environment, then it’s time to invest in the Best AC For Your Grow Room by calling Cultiva Systems. Our team is standing by ready to answer your questions about our products. We’re happy to install our systems in new construction projects, or optimizing current HVAC systems with our technology. Contact us today to learn more.