Indoor Cannabis HVAC From Cultiva Systems

Cannabis farming is expanding in America. There are currently 17 states that have recreational marijuana legalized and even more with medical marijuana laws in place. Senators have been pushing to legalize cannabis on the federal level as well. It’s a highly competitive industry with lots of growth opportunities. Now is the perfect time to start growing cannabis commercially, but how? You can grow some plants outdoors and have them subjected to the natural elements, or you can control your plant’s growth by growing plants indoors. And with an Indoor Cannabis HVAC system from Cultiva Systems, your plants will grow stronger and bigger because you can control the environment.

If you’re ready to start your own commercial cannabis production, contact Cultvia Systems. We’ll install our air conditioning system that’s designed specifically for plant growth. Our system can be installed in an existing building or new construction. We want to be your partner in this new and challenging industry. Get started today.

Why You Need An Indoor Cannabis HVAC System

Commercial Cannabis is booming industry with a lot of growth potentialYou might want to start out your commercial cannabis business with no HVAC system in place and see how it goes, but we at Cultiva Systems would advise against that. We want you to start off with your best foot forward, and that means creating an environment that plants will thrive in. Our Indoor Cannabis HVAC is designed just for this purpose, and there are more benefits than just better-growing crops.

When you control all the elements of your growing environment, you’ll notice a few things. The first is that you’ll notice fewer pests around. Bugs and rodents can kill crops easily, and harmful pesticides can weaken plant’s purity. With a controlled environment, you’ll notice fewer pests so you will need fewer chemical pesticides, keeping your plants pure and uncompromised. The second thing you’ll notice is that your plants will grow much better than if they were outside. Because of this improved growth, you’ll find you won’t need fertilizers to have large crop yields. Without these common chemicals, your plants will easily meet purity standards and you’ll save money in the long run.

Dehumidification and Climate Control

Despite where plants are physically located, they’re going to grow as they do in a natural environment. During the day, plants absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide and at night, they release oxygen and heat. In an outdoor setting, the heat and oxygen would disperse, but when contained in a commercial grow room, these emissions can upset your climate. With an unbalanced climate, your plants will suffer.

With Cultvia System’s Indoor Cannabis HVAC, you can control the air quality and temperature in your grow room easily. Our powerful dehumidification process absorbs all the heat plants emit and cools it. This cooled air is re-released back into the room without overcooling space. Keeping your energy bills low and your grow room comfortable.

Responsive ControlsCultiva System's Commercial Cannabis HVAC puts air control monitoring at your fingertips

All of our Indoor Cannabis HVAC systems come with a built-in web server, so you can easily monitor the air quality in your grow rooms. This server is accessible through any device and can have multiple users profiles set up. You can control everything from the temperature, humidity, and CO2 injection. Schedules and alarms are easy to set as well. You’ll always be in control with Cultvia Systems.

Energy Efficiency

Many commercial cannabis growers use extra lights or hot water to keep their grow room’s climates in balance. With Cultvia System’s Indoor Cannabis HVAC, you won’t need either. Because our system is energy efficient with powerful heat absorption technology, your plants will be comfortable, and you’ll be happy with all the money you’ve saved.

Customizable Design

Cultvia Systems is not a one-size-fits-all kind of company. We want to work with you to create a system that is ideal to meet your needs. Our large commercial air conditioners can handle capacities from 10 tons to 45 tons. Some of our clients have grow rooms so large we have multiple systems installed to create the best climate imaginable. Our units can be roof-mounted or wall-mounted, depending on your space, and our load sizes are flexible. This means as you expand your growing operation, our HVAC system can grow with you.

When you work with Cultvia Systems, you have a partner in your business. Our success is your success and if you’re ever having trouble with your system, our reliable support team can troubleshoot your issues and work with local mechanical engineers to get your system working as it should.

Odor Control & Minimal Maintenance

Marijuana has a distinct odor to it, and when you grow it commercially, you’re going to have a very strong odor emitting from your air conditioning’s exhaust. Cultvia System’s Commercial Cannabis HVAC systems all come with Pura Vida Air Systems to keep your business discreet. Neighbors won’t be able to smell any odors from your grow rooms.

One thing that our clients love about us is how easy and simple it is to use our system. Our HVAC system needs about the same care and maintenance that your home system needs. If you change your air filters on a regular basis, your system will keep running smoothly. No regular service calls, or inspections. These commercial-sized air filters can be bought at your local janitorial supply company or online.

Contact Cultiva Systems To Learn More About Our Indoor Cannabis HVAC

The team at Cultiva Systems is standing by to answer any questions you have about our Indoor Cannabis HVAC system. You’ll find that our system with easy-to-use controls, powerful dehumidification, and flexible load sizes is unrivaled in this booming industry. Contact us today to learn more about how Cultvia Systems can help you grow your commercial cannabis business.