Grow Room Cooling

When humans get too hot in the summer, nothing feels better than finding relief in an air-conditioned room. Turns out, plants feel the same way, especially when they’re grown indoors. Creating an indoor environment for plants to grow in is a delicate balance. Plants emit heat and oxygen but need Co2 and sunlight to thrive. Being able to monitor the air content and temperature are scientific data points that can lead to successful plant growth. Commercial cannabis growers all over the United States and Canada struggle to find the perfect Grow Room Cooling system that will create the perfect environment for their growing plants.

Now the struggle is over. Cultiva Systems is an HVAC system designed specifically for commercial marijuana grow rooms. We typically work with grow rooms that are 2000 square feet, but we have worked with smaller and larger companies. Contact Cultiva Systems today to learn more about our powerful grow room air conditioning system.

Find The Best Grow Room Cooling System

Commercial cannabis growers all over North America have come to Cultiva Systems for their Grow Room Cooling needs. Our satisfied customers know they can trust Cultiva Systems for their support and expertise. Our systems require very little maintenance. You’ll have to change the air filter on a regular basis, just like you would do with your air conditioning system at home.

With better air quality in your grow rooms, you’ll notice improvements in your plants. With less exposure, you’ll have fewer pests which will eliminate the need for chemical pesticides. Other growers have also noticed that their growing environment is encouraging their plants to grow more without the need for fertilizers. This will help keep your plants strong, healthy, and pure enough to meet local standards. You’ll love Cultiva Systems so much, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install it sooner.

Air Conditioning with Powerful Dehumidification

The best Grow Room Cooling system isn’t just effective, it’s also efficient. Plants give off heat at night, so many growers cool the rooms to combat the humidity. However, it’s very easy to over-cool these rooms and cause damage to your plants. We found many commercial cannabis growers add heat lamps or heated water to keep the rooms comfortable for the plants to compensate for the cold. But this requires extra energy. Other grow rooms use pool dehumidifiers to fight the humidity, but they tend to burn out quickly.

Here is how Cultiva Systems is different. Our units have a powerful evaporator that absorbs the heat. The internal heat then is processed through a compressor where it is recovered, cooled, and then retransmitted into the room. Keeping the room comfortable without the worry of overcooling or the extra energy from heat lamps and water. In the end, you’ll notice energy savings and utility savings by switching to one system that can do it all.

HVAC Built To Meet Your Needs

Cultiva Systems is not a product you can buy online and assemble yourself. We work with you to learn about the structure of your growing environment to install a custom system to best fit your needs. Although it’s best to call us when you’re starting new construction, we are happy to retrofit our system to your current building.

Our units can be wall-mounted or roof-mounted. The Grow Room Cooling power in our HVAC is impressive. One unit can handle loads as small as 10 tons to as large as 45 tons. The flexibility of our system is what drives customers to it. They want a system that can grow with them to meet demand.

Most grow rooms we work with are 2000 square feet, but we’ve helped grow rooms as small as 200 square feet, to as large as 9000 square feet. We can even combine multiple units to cool even larger grow rooms. It all depends on what you need. Our team of engineers works with you to develop plans and specifications. We also work with local mechanical engineers so you always have someone close by who understands your new HVAC system as well as you do.

Monitor and Control The Climate in Your Grow Rooms

One of the things that our customers love the most about Cultiva Systems is the amount of control they have over the climate control in their grow rooms. All of our systems come with a web server built inside. Devices can access the server to monitor air quality, Co2 levels, set alarms, set schedules, and review historical data.

Whenever something goes wrong, Cultiva Systems can connect to your webs server to help troubleshoot your issues. We understand that growing marijuana isn’t a hobby for you, it’s your occupation. Our responsive support team is able to act fast to help you get back up and running as fast as possible.

Get the Best Grow Room Cooling System Contact Cultvia Systems Today

If you’ve tried the rest and have been unsuccessful, then it’s time to try the best Grow Room Cooling system available. Contact Cultiva Systems today to learn more about how our system can improve your commercial cannabis cultivation.