Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification

Are you an experienced cannabis farm that is struggling with Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification? These are common challenges facing commercial indoor cannabis growers. Your 2000 sq ft grow rooms require specific humidity and temperature requirements to produce the best results. And with grow rooms so big, it’s hard to maintain a consistent atmosphere throughout your space. pool dehumidifiers and other HVAC systems and can’t produce the results or control you were hoping for. Now is the time to contact Cultiva Systems.

Cultiva Systems wants to help large-scale marijuana growers like you achieve the largest and purest plants possible. Let’s talk about your current location and what your goals are. If you’re new to the commercial cannabis industry and are looking to start from the ground up, we got your back when it comes to marijuana grow room environments and climate control. Call us today to learn more.

Your Grow Room Environment

Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification System from Cultiva Systems can help improve your commercial marijuana growthAt Cultiva Systems, we work with professional growers who are relying on the marijuana they grow for their livelihood. We take great pride in helping our growers create wonderful products.

Collecting tangible data to see what your plants react to the most is a good first step in creating a productive growing environment. All of our units have a web server built-in.  The server can be accessed by any device. Does your room have an imbalance of oxygen to Co2? Is it too humid? What was the temperature overnight? All of these things and more can be monitored through our controls. You can set alarms, review historical data, and create internal schedules.

At night, grow rooms need to be dehumidified without being over-cooled. This can be a difficult balance to achieve if you’re using the wrong technology. Our Grow Room Cooling And Dehumidification system absorbs the heat by the evaporator and internal heat is produced by the compressor. The air is recovered, cooled, and retransmitted into the air. This lowers your energy consumption. It also saves you money on extra heat sources like lights or hot water.

Need to keep your business discreet? All of our units also include Pura Vida air purifying systems. Your exhaust will not carry marijuana’s distinctive odor, keeping your business unobtrusive.

Custom Commerical Cannabis HVAC System

At Cultiva, we have experience creating grow room environments for commercial cannabis facilities all over the United States and Canada. The average-sized grow room we work with is 2000 square feet. However, your systems can support grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet. Our system can handle loads as small as 10 tons, to as large as 45 tons.

We work with both existing systems and new construction. In our experience, we can tell you that no two systems are the same. That’s why we work to develop a great relationship with you. We work to meet your specific growing needs. Our units can be either mounted on the room or an exterior wall and require very little maintenance.

Unrivaled Support

Commercial Cannabis Growers love Cultiva System's Grow Room Cooling & Dehumidification SystemWhen it comes time to build your Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification system, Cultiva is there to help. We work with you in conjunction with local mechanical engineers in your area to help build your vision. The engineers at Cultiva design the plans and create solutions for your issues, but a local company will do most of the installation. We do this for a couple of reasons. One is that we wanted to expand our reach to as many commercial cannabis facilities as possible in North America. But we also want you to be able to have someone who knows your system that can respond quickly when there is an issue.

With our built-in web server, we’re able to troubleshoot your issues and instruct the mechanical engineers on which repairs to make. We may visit your facility to make sure everything is working properly.  You’ll create a relationship with us as well as a local mechanical engineering team that knows your system just as well as we do.

Maintenance with our units is very minimal. We recommend you change your air filters on a regular basis. Similar to your air conditioning unit at home. These filters are common and can be bought at any commercial supply or janitorial equipment store.

Improve Your Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification with Cultiva Systems Today

When you can create the perfect growing environment indoors, then you’ll see results like you never have before. Monitoring and maintaining your Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification can help eliminate the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers too. Contact Cultvia Systems today to learn more about how we can help with your commercial cannabis grow room environment.