Commercial Grow Room
Air Conditioner

Becoming a part of the recreational marijuana industry is a big step. Many people are changing careers and starting new cannabis ventures. And why not? The industry is booming. Many states that don’t have recreational marijuana have considered it in some way or another. If you’re in the commercial marijuana industry, then you need the right tools to grow the best products in this highly competitive enterprise. A Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner from Cultiva Systems is the thing you need to stay competitive and grow products that your buyers will be excited about.

Cultiva Systems is an experienced commercial HVAC and climate control system with many bells and whistles that are tailored to marijuana growth. We install our systems all over the United States and Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our grow room air conditioning systems.

Custom Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner To Meet Your Needs

Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner can help your marijuana plants grow strongAt Cultiva Systems, our Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioners are built with our customer’s input in mind. Our systems can be built from the ground up with your newly constructed building, or retrofitted into an existing property. Our units are either roof-mounted or wall or ground-mounted, depending on your space and the size of your growing operation. We work with you from the beginning on the design of your new air conditioning system. Then, we hire mechanical engineers in your area to build and install all the ductwork. When something goes wrong, you can contact us and we can help troubleshoot your issues. The local mechanical engineers that helped build your air conditioning system will know the best way to fix it.

It’s a great idea to start with Cultiva Systems because as your facility grows, we can grow with you. Our Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner can handle loads as large as 45-ton capacity. These systems are flexible so they can handle smaller loads if needed. We can also combine units for extra-large grow rooms if needed. The average grow room we typically see is around 2000 square feet. We have provided equipment for grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet.

Controls At Your Finger Tips

At Cultiva Systems, we understand that you have a lot to take care of when it comes to growing commercial marijuana. There are so many factors that you need to consider and be able to monitor and control in order to grow the best and purest cannabis possible. Our systems have a web server inside that can be accessed from any device. It is multi-device compatible and it’s easy to create user profiles. With our control system, you can monitor operational status, I/O monitoring and setpoint adjustment, configuration, internal scheduling, alarms, and view historical data.

At Cultiva, your success is our success. We want you to succeed because that means that our Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner system is working properly and we have satisfied customers. If you ever have a problem, our responsive support team can access your web server and help troubleshoot your issues. When you work with Cultiva Systems, you don’t just have an HVAC installation company, you have a partner for the life of your business.

Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner helps make it easy to maintain your plantsEnergy Efficient Design

Indoor agriculture isn’t anything new. Many farmers like it because it allows them to control all the elements around them. From the temperature, precipitation, and pest control. However, many climate control systems get a bad reputation for being environmentally unfriendly. This is because of the extra energy needed to run your equipment to keep your plants growing.

Cultiva System’s Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner has power dehumidification and cooling power while cycling the air in your facility. Our grom room units have heat recovery, meaning it absorbs the humidity and heat in your grow room, and the compressor recovers, cools, and then retransmits the air back into the room. Saving you money on energy costs.

Because you can control the air quality of your growing facility so well, you’ll notice other improvements besides saving energy. With air quality control, you’ll have fewer pests meaning you won’t need to buy pesticides. As you control and monitor your air quality and Co2 levels, you’ll notice how your plants react. If you provide them with an environment they thrive in, they’ll grow bigger and healthier than you’ve experienced before. Meaning you’ll spend less on chemical fertilizers too! Just more benefits of Cultiva’s HVAC systems.

Contact Cultvia Systems to Learn More About Commerical Grow Room Air Conditioners

If you’re ready to grow marijuana like never before, contact Cultiva Systems about our Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner. We have many options to determine which will work best for you. Check out our products and then contact us to start growing your commercial marijuana business.