Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

All over the country, states are legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. The marijuana industry is booming. If your state has recently legalized or is in the process of legalizing it, then getting in on the cannabis industry is a smart investment. With Commerical Cannabis Cultivation HVAC equipment from Cultiva Systems, you can start growing large quantities of cannabis plants. Our products give you complete control of all the things plants need to thrive, such as temperature, air quality, and dehumidification.

Contact Cultiva Systems today to learn more about how we can help you start growing your cannabis farm. We work with growers all over the United States and Canada to create indoor farming environments that plants thrive in.

Superior Commercial Cannabis Cultivation starts with Cultiva SystemsThe Booming Cannabis Industry

Currently, in the US there are 17 states that have legalized marijuana, and many others offer medicinal marijuana or have decriminalized it. The growing trend seems to be favoring the marijuana industry which creates lots of new jobs. According to Forbes, the industry added more than 64,000 jobs last year, a 44% increase and another 20,000 jobs are expected to be created in California and Florida alone.

Many people think these jobs are created by cannabis shops and dispensaries, but the cannabis needs to be grown, tested, packaged and delivered to shops all over the country. If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, you might be considering getting involved in the cannabis culture in some way, and you’d be smart to do so. Investing in a store is one thing, but you could control your own crops with Commerical Cannabis Cultivation equipment from Cultiva Systems.

Growing cannabis indoors is not only a discreet idea but a controllable environment that will help you yield more crops. With purification standards varying in every state, you’ll want to expand your reach so that you can provide fresh and pure cannabis for your customers. Cultiva Systems allows you to do that easily.

A Commercial Cannabis Cultivation System

Cultvia Systems offers a commercial-sized HVAC system built custom for your Commercial Cannabis Cultivation operation. Our support team works with you from the beginning to retrofit or create an HVAC system that works best for your operation. Our units are large and can be roof-mounted or wall-mounted, depending on your space. The average grow room we typically see is around 2000 square feet. We have provided equipment for grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet.

We build a system with your needs in mind, and then we work with mechanical engineers in your area to implement the system in your building. We supervise the entire process from start to finish to ensure our customers are satisfied.

When something goes wrong, Cultiva System’s dependable support is here to help. We understand that your Commercial Cannabis Cultivation isn’t a hobby, it’s your livelihood. With our integrated controls, we’ll be able to troubleshoot your issues quickly to get you back growing again.

Its easy to monitor and control your Commercial Cannabis Cultivation with Cultiva SystemsComplete Control

How can we guarantee that your crops will be pure and meet up to various standards? With our system, you can control the elements at your fingertips. When plants grow outside they need air, water, and sunlight. When you grow plants indoors, it’s easy to control the sun and the water, but people don’t realize how hard it is to control the humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels. With Cultvia Systems Commercial Cannabis Cultivation HVAC units, you have the power to control all of these variables.

First, all of our units have a built-in web server so you can access your HVAC system’s controls. You can set preferences and experiment to see what makes your crops grow the best. This control system allows you to set alarms and monitor operational status and set a schedule for the different times of the day.

Second, our system provides superior dehumidification that other systems and pool humidifiers cannot. We can also control the temperature by cooling and heating your grow rooms as needed. Our systems also help you save on energy by using absorbing heat efficiently and then retransmitting it into the room at the desired temperature. No additional heat sources are required.

When you control the air quality, your plants will thrive like never before. You won’t need chemical fertilizers to help induce growth. Pest control is also a thing of the past. Bugs are easily eliminated, so you’ll need to use fewer chemical pesticides, keeping your plants pure and untainted by harmful chemicals.


Contact Cultiva Systems To Get Your Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Business Growing

If you’re ready to get your foot in the door of the cannabis industry by starting a commercial growing operation, then you need to contact Cultiva Systems. With limited maintenance and reliable support, you’ll know that your investment in a Commercial Cannabis Cultivation HVAC system was a smart choice. Call us today to learn more or to get started on an estimate.