Cultvia Systems Is The Best Commercial Cannabis Climate Control System

Indoor agriculture is paving the way for neat innovations in the future of farming. Not only is indoor farming great for growing things like fruits and vegetables, but it’s also been a viable option for the booming marijuana industry. Currently, in the US there are 17 states that have legalized marijuana, and many others offer medicinal marijuana or have decriminalized it. With this trend growing, now is the time to start thinking about building to grow your own cannabis business. Cultiva Systems is a Commercial Cannabis Climate Control system that helps regulate CO2 levels, dehumidifies, and cools grow rooms efficiently.

To learn more about Cultvia Systems, contact us today. We’ve installed our products to grow sites all over the United States and Canada. We can help our customers from virtually anywhere to create a custom system based on their growing needs.

The Commercial Cannabis Industry is booming and is only getting more popularCommercial Cannabis Climate Control

Plants growing indoors live like they’re growing outdoors, and when you’re trying to grow large quantities of produce, that can be an issue. At night, when the air is cool, plants give off heat. If that heat is contained, it could create a suffocating environment that can be harmful to your plant’s growth. You need a large system capable of handling big loads for a large area. That’s where Cultiva Systems comes in.

Our Commercial Cannabis Climate Control system is state-of-the-art and comes with some features that help indoor farmers succeed. Our units are capable of maintaining the air quality in a room as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet. It can handle small loads of 10 – 45-ton capacity. Our large capacities are what make us ideal for large indoor cannabis farms.

But won’t such a large system use up a lot of energy? Cultiva Systems thought of that. Especially at night, when grow rooms tend to swelter, our systems absorb the hot air, cool it, and then retransmit it. This saves on energy and keeps our systems running efficiently.

Improved Air Quality

Our Commercial Cannabis Climate Control System doesn’t just keep things comfortable in your grow rooms, it makes the air quality much better. Air quality is important in a plant’s growth. Co2 levels need to be especially high to ensure they are getting enough and growing to their full potential. Cleaner air also means fewer bugs and pests. Eliminating chemical pesticides from your farm. When your plants are happy, they’ll grow bigger and produce more crops than they have in the past. You may find that you won’t need chemical fertilizers anymore either. Eliminating these harmful chemicals will only improve the quality of your products.

As more and more states open up to recreational marijuana, they’ll regulate the purity of the products that can be sold. With Cultiva Systems, you will be confident that your plants are the purest they can possibly be.

Cultiva Systems Commercial Cannabis Climate Control System ControlsInnovative Controls & Support

All of our Commercial Cannabis Climate Control units have a built-in web server that provides control over your grow room’s air quality and temperature from any computer. Our rich informative user interface allows you to monitor operational status, collect historical data, create schedules, and set adjustments easily. You can set preferences and experiment to see what makes your crops grow the best. This control system allows you to set alarms and monitor operational status and set a schedule for the different times of the day.

If something goes wrong, our reliable support team can help. They can help troubleshoot your issues and dispatch mechanical engineers in your area to help solve your problem, so you’re growing again without losing a step. At Cultiva System, we understand that this isn’t a hobby, this is a livelihood, and the longer your climate control system is down, the more money you could lose. That’s why we’re dedicated to our customers throughout their business life.

Customized Design

At Cultiva Systems, we understand that every commercial cannabis operation is different. That’s why we offer a variety of products that can be adapted to our client’s needs. Your new Commercial Cannabis Climate Control units can be wall-mounted or roof-mounted, depending on your building.

If you’re in an existing building, we can help retrofit your current HVAC system to operate with ours. We work with mechanical engineers in your area to build a system that you’re satisfied with. Leave it to Cultiva to supervise the entire installation to ensure customer satisfaction.

Start Using The Best Commercial Cannabis Climate Control System

There’s no question, Cultiva Systems is the best. Most other Commercial Cannabis Climate Control companies can’t promise energy efficiency, dehumidification power, flexible capacities, or reliable support like we do. If you’re ready to get your marijuana-growing business off the ground, contact Cultiva Systems today to learn more.