California Commercial Cannabis HVAC

Cultiva Systems is an improvement on California Commercial Cannabis HVAC systemsThe commercial marijuana industry is booming and California is leading the way. Californians are always looking for innovative and groundbreaking products. Cannabis is growing in the state like never before, and with climate change, it’s important to protect these cash crops by keeping them indoors. What if I told you there was a California Commerical Cannabis HVAC system that was environmentally friendly and helped produce refined plants that met stringent purity standards? That HVAC system is Cultiva Systems.

Cultiva Systems has helped many California indoor cannabis growers improve the air quality in their grow rooms as well as sustain plant growth. If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial air conditioners designed specifically for commercial-sized grow rooms, then contact Cultiva Systems today.

Benefits Of A California Commerical Cannabis HVAC

If you’re using a pool dehumidifier and a standard air conditioning system in your commercial grow rooms, then you could be falling short of your growth potential. Switching to an air conditioning system designed specifically for marijuana growing that includes powerful dehumidification capabilities will produce much better results. Here are some benefits our California Commerical Cannabis HVAC clients have noticed after switching to Cultiva Systems.

Improvements to the Growing Environment

When you can control the indoor air quality in your grow rooms, you’ll notice that almost everything seems better. Plants will enjoy their environment more so they’ll grow better. In fact, many of our growers have stopped using chemical fertilizers in their grow rooms because their plants grow so well they don’t need them. With continually changing standards in the marijuana industry, this elimination of fertilizers is very helpful. You won’t need to worry about trying to meet purity standards because your plants won’t need them.

When you grow plants inside you close them off to pests from the outside. Pesticides are also a thing of the past in your improved growing environment. Your plants will be pure and safe from unwanted pests.

Superior Dehumidification & Energy Savings

Grow More with a Commercial Cannabis HVAC systemAt night, plants emit heat. When plants grow indoors, this heat cannot dissipate and instead builds up. This extra heat makes grow rooms very humid. Humidity is something you want to control to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, or other allergens from ruining your controlled environment. Pool dehumidifiers often cannot keep up with demand. Many indoor growers over cooling their grow rooms to fight the humidity. Heat lamps or warm water are then used to keep the plants comfortable. Plants don’t like this extra humidity and it can stunt their growth.

Cultiva Systems California Commercial Cannabis HVAC doesn’t just cool the room to the right temperature and remove the humidity from the air, it recycles the air. All the heat from the plants is absorbed by the evaporator in our units. The internal heat produced by the compressor is recovered, chilled, and is relocated back into the room. This energy-saving technology is a great idea for keeping your utility bills down and reducing your growing facility’s carbon footprint.

Informative Data & Controls

Data is what shows us what is working and what isn’t. Experimenting with the levels of water, light, and soil content is easy. When it comes to experimenting with indoor air quality in your grow room, that’s where things get tricky. To grow marijuana plants, you need to inject Co2 into the air. Too much can cause problems for your employees, and too little can cause problems for your plants.

With Cultiva Systems, our built-in web server puts informative data about the indoor air quality of your grow rooms in your hands. Our web server can be accessed from any device via WIFI. Making users, setting alarms, reviewing historical data, and setting schedules are all easy to do.

No Odor

Marijuana has a very distinctive smell, and when you have hundreds of plants in a single room, you’ll notice the smell for miles. Cultiva Systems wants to help keep your business discreet. That’s why all of our California Commercial Cannabis HVAC units also include PuraVida air systems to filter out the odors from your system’s exhaust. Many growers in large cities or with close neighbors really enjoy this feature.

Customizable Design

Improve your Grow Room Environment with a superior California Commercial Cannabis HVAC system from Cultiva SystemsWhen you choose to work with Cultiva Systems, you don’t just have a reliable mechanical engineering team on your side, you also have experienced experts that work to understand your particular space, and find the best solution that fits your needs best.

At Cultiva Systems, we are not a one-size-fits-all kind of company. Each of our HVAC systems is designed with your building, growth potential, and grow room size in mind. The average-sized grow room we work with is 2000 square feet. However, your systems can support grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as 9000 square feet. Our system can handle loads as small as 10 tons, to as large as 45 tons.

If there is ever an issue with your unit, call our responsive support team right away. We’ll do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible. We understand that your commercial cannabis growing isn’t a hobby, it’s your job. When your crops don’t grow as expected, it cuts out of your bottom line. We want your plants to thrive so your business can grow too. Start growing with Cultiva Systems today.

Improve Your Grow Room Environment With A California Commerical Cannabis HVAC From Cultiva Systems

Ready to start growing cannabis in a better environment? Creating the ideal environment starts with a California Commerical Cannabis HVAC system from Cultiva Systems. Call us today to learn more about how you can get growing stronger, healthier, and more productive plants.