Best Commercial Cannabis Dehumidifier

Cultiva Systems is the Best Commercial Cannabis Dehumidifier that can help your plants grow strongerPlants are a part of nature, and whether you grow plants indoors or outdoors, they’re always going to do what is natural to them. That means releasing heat and oxygen at night. Which, if you’re growing cannabis indoors, this could create an imbalance in the temperature, air quality, and humidity levels in your grow room. You need the Best Commercial Cannabis Dehumidifier if you want to effectively and efficiently grow the best crops possible.

Cultiva Systems is a commercial cannabis HVAC system designed to regulate the air quality, humidity, and temperature in large-scale growing operations. Our units are capable of handling loads as large as a 45-ton capacity. If you’re having trouble creating an atmosphere that your plants can thrive in, contact Cultiva Systems to have an air conditioning system built and installed with your growth in mind.

Why is Dehumidification so Important When Growing Cannabis?

If you’re new or just starting to invest in the commercial cannabis industry, you’ve got fierce competition. Every grower is trying to create the best strains, the purest products, and strong THC levels. To do all this, many growers have decided to move their operations indoors. Which is great for controlling all the elements such as sunlight, air quality, and precipitation. However, because plants act as though they’re outside, even though they’re indoors, their natural instincts can sometimes throw off your growing atmosphere.

Plants need carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They also emit heat at night. In nature, this excess oxygen and heat dissipate, but when contained in a grow room, it can cause a problem. Too much oxygen and heat aren’t good for plants. That’s why we built this HVAC system: to help indoor cannabis farmers have better control over the elements in their grow rooms.

Commercial Cannabis Growers Love Cultiva SystemsHow Can Cultiva Systems Help My Commercial Cannabis Operation?

Cultiva System’s HVAC is the Best Commercial Cannabis Dehmidifier for a few reasons. Not only does our dehumidifier help maintain the temperature and air quality when plants emit extra heat and oxygen at night, but it also absorbs that heat and cools it through our efficient design. The cooled air is then retransmitted into the room. We guarantee that you will not need extra heat lights or hot water to maintain the temperature in your grow rooms. One system can do it all.

There are many benefits to working with Cultiva Systems. You don’t just have an installer, you have a partner in your business. Because plants and air quality go hand-in-hand, Cultiva Systems cares about you and your livelihood. Our reliable support team can help troubleshoot your issues and work with local mechanical engineers in your area to make sure your system is always working as it should. Maintenance is relatively simple, just replace your commercial grade air filters on a regular basis and you should be able to maintain your system easily.

Speaking of air filters, Cultiva understands that you may need to keep your business discreet. That’s why all of our systems come with Pura Vida Air Systems to provide clean emissions, so your neighbors don’t smell cannabis in your exhaust.

How Do I Know That Cultiva Systems Cannabis Dehumidifier Will Work For Me?

If you’re looking for pricing, you won’t find it here. That’s because every HVAC system is unique to the grower. We work with you from the start to create a system that meets your needs. We work with clients all over the United States and Canada to build a system just for them. Our units can be retrofitted into established buildings, or built from the ground up during new construction. Because the HVAC system is integrated throughout the entire building, you don’t want to make it the last thing you install. It should be high on your priority list right from the start.

Cultiva System's Controls are Easy to useIf your plants require special needs that you have been unable to meet before, Cultiva Systems puts controls right at your fingertips so you always know what the air quality is like in your grow room. All of our HVAC units come with a built-in web server that allows you to connect from any device or computer. You can alter, monitor, and create alerts for certain levels of oxygen, CO2, temperature, and more! You can create user profiles and set an automatic schedule so you’re always aware of how things are growing.

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If you’re ready to invest in the best, then contact Cultiva Systems today. Our HVAC system is the Best Commercial Cannabis Dehumidifier for large growing operations on the market today. We’re ready to help you grow the best products possible. Contact us today to learn more.