Air Quality Control In A Growing Operation

Indoor air quality is on everybody’s minds these days. With viruses and bacteria spreading through the air we breathe, everyone wants to know what’s in the air. Air quality is incredibly important in a commercial cannabis-growing facility. Plants need Air Quality Control in A Growing Operation to grow to their full potential and yield the best products. With Cultiva Systems, you’ll have indoor air quality control right at your fingertips. Our specialized HVAC equipment is leaps and bounds above the competition and has consistently proven to help marijuana plants thrive.

Cultiva Systems is based in Arizona, but we help commercial cannabis growers all over North America improve their indoor agriculture operations. We design our systems customized to fit your space. Contact us today to learn more.


Why Air Quality Control in A Growing Operation Matters

Many growers come to us because they want to see if our claims are true. Can better Air Quality Control in A Growing Operation really help their plants? We say, absolutely. Many of our growers have long suffered from traditional air conditioners and pool dehumidifiers. This equipment will not be able to provide the results they want. While helpful, these tools won’t usually last very long. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. Your plants will suffer if the equipment they rely on for air quality control breaks down. Prevent these issues and upgrade to a reliable air conditioning system. Cultiva Systems is designed specifically for marijuana growth, or any high moisture environment.

Superior Dehumidification & Energy Savings

Grow rooms are especially humid because marijuana plants emit heat at night. This heat can’t dissipate as it would in an outdoor setting. The buildup of heat makes grow rooms humid.  When the humidity builds up at night, the room needs to be cooled. However, it is very easy to make the room too cold for the plants. Many growers will cool the room with a standard air conditioner. Then, they will use heat lamps or warm water to keep the plants comfortable. With Cultiva System’s powerful dehumidification and cooling system built in one unit,  your plants will be comfortable without raising your utility bills.

With Cultiva Systems, all of the heat is absorbed by the evaporator. The internal heat that is produced by the compressor is then recovered, cooled, and retransmitted into the room. This saves you money on your utility bills and equipment costs. Our HVAC system was built specifically for marijuana plants and our grower’s results show that it works.

Easily Monitor Air Quality Control In Your Grow Rooms

Like any good scientist, it’s smart to measure the factors that influence your plant’s growth. It’s easy to measure how much light, water, and soil content plants receive, but what about the air? How can you measure Air Quality Control in a Growing Operation? You know you need to add Co2, but can you tell if you’ve added too much or not enough?

At Cultiva Systems, we recognize the importance of being able to measure the air quality in your grow rooms. That’s why we include a built-in web server into all of our units that is accessible over Wifi. Setting up accounts and having multiple users monitoring your air quality control is easy.

This rich, informative interface records lots of data that you can dissect to understand how to improve your air quality. Settings alarms, internal schedules, and setpoint adjustments are easy. You can even review historical data. Our customers love having these controls at their fingertips.

If there is ever an issue with your unit, Cultvia Systems can help. We can remote into your server to figure out what went wrong and can troubleshoot solutions with you.

A Customized Plan To Match Your Commercial Cannabis Growing Operation

Cultiva Systems makes it easy to monitor Air Quality Control in A Growing OperationWhether you’re starting a new commercial cannabis growing operation, or looking to improve your current space, Cultiva Systems can help. Our units can be either roof or wall-mounted. These units are not for hobbyists. We’re only interested in large-scale commercial indoor marijuana farms. The average-sized grow room we work with is 2000 square feet. However, our systems can support grow rooms as small as 200 square feet to as large as your imagination can create. Our system can handle loads as small as 10 tons, to as large as 80 tons in a single unit. However a majority of our project utilize multiple units in one room.

Cultiva Systems units are easy to maintain. Like your home’s HVAC system, replacing your air filter on a regular basis will help maintain your system and promote indoor air quality. That is the most work required to maintain Air Quality in a Growing Operation. You can buy air filters from a janitorial supply company.

Let’s work together to start your new project. Your success is our success. We’ll strive to create a plan that accurately fits your space, make sure everything is working properly, and provide any support you may need along the way.

Get Started with Cultiva Systems Today

To get started improving the Air Quality in a Growing Operation to see stronger and healthier marijuana plants, then it’s time to get Cultiva Systems. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers is ready to help you grow more. Contact Cultvia Systems today to see how we can help you produce more crops today.