Virginia Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

When you start your journey in indoor cannabis cultivation, a necessity that you need is a proper Virginia Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design in your grow room. Cultiva Systems has exactly what you are looking for. We have state-of-the-art HVAC systems and other equipment that would make your cannabis cultivation easier and stress-free. If you are interested in Cultiva Systems’ products, check out our webpage for more information about what we can provide for you. Do you have any questions regarding Cultiva Systems or our products? Well, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today! 

Cultiva Systems’ Virginia Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

Cultiva Systems’ Virginia Commerical Grow Room HVAC Design is ideal for indoor cannabis cultivators. Our products are designed to help cultivators of all levels of expertise thrive and grow the best cannabis possible. 

  • Package Rooftop
    With Cultiva Systems’ package rooftop, you can experience a well-ventilated cooling system. The package rooftop system is air-cooled and water-cooled. This unit can come in sizes between 10 tons and 60 tons and comes with a rooftop and ground mount. It comes complete with multiple air paths with bottom discharge and return as well as top discharge with a horizontal return vent.


  • Vertical and Horizontal Self-Contained Indoor Farming HVAC System
    The Virginia Commerical Grow Room HVAC Design can come in either air-cooled or water-cooled and in sizes 10 tons to 45 tons. This design is very customizable with its multiple air pathways complete with removable panels that are field configured. No matter the size of your grow room, this unit would be perfect for all your cannabis cultivation needs.


  • Control Panel (F532 Controller)
    The F532 Controller is a must-have for anyone with a grow room. This control panel gives cultivators total control over their grow room. Designed to be multi-device and multi-platform compatible you can control your grow room’s temperature, humidity levels, CO2 injection, O2 purge, high CO2 strobe alarms, and lighting. Customers who buy this product have an easier time growing cannabis and allows them to have control over every aspect of their room that they couldn’t have if they grew their cannabis outside. 

Cultiva Systems has the best options available for indoor cultivators. For more information about our products, check out our website and get the grow room of your dreams!  

Why Should You Consider Indoor Cannabis Cultivation? 

Virginia Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design perfect for growingIn recent years, cannabis cultivators have switched from growing their cannabis crops outside to using grow rooms and growing inside. Cultivators have found after switching to indoor cultivation that their cannabis not only looks better but is also a higher quality of bud. The THC concentration was also higher. 

Cultivators have also been having fun altering the looks of their buds. When different colors of light are exposed to cannabis plants, they produce uniquely colored buds. Indoor cultivation gives cultivators the freedom to get creative with their growing all while producing top-quality bud. The usual yield for cannabis grown indoors is about three to four times a year as opposed to the usual once or twice a year harvest for cannabis grown outside. 

Although growing cannabis inside seems like it would be easier, it can have its challenges. Though pests like rabbits and birds won’t be an issue when growing your cannabis within the confines of a grow room, there are still certain pests you need to worry about. For example, spider mites love cannabis and are one of the biggest threats to your cannabis plants. In order to get rid of them, cultivators must take the correct measures to ensure their plants are not damaged by these unwanted pests. 

Another problem cultivators find themselves having is keeping the room ventilated while keeping the humidity at an ideal level. Thanks to Cultiva Systems Virginia Commercial grow room HVAC Design you will not have to worry about these problems. Our technology and products are designed to give you the ideal grow room environment, so you won’t have to deal with a room that has too much moisture in the air or the air in the room going stale.

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Are you ready to take a leap and start your indoor cannabis cultivation? Then you should look into getting your equipment from Cultiva Systems. With our Virginia Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your grow room. Contact Cultiva Systems to get started today! We look forward to helping you grow!