Virginia Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner

The Virginia Commerical Grow Room Air Conditioner from Cultiva  Systems is the best air conditioner on the market. Cultiva Systems has a reputation in the cannabis cultivation industry as the most reputable grow room HVAC company on a global scale. Suppose you are considering growing cannabis indoors commercially or for personal use. In that case, you should look into getting a Cultiva Systems HVAC system today in order to get the best air conditioner and HVAC system available. Check out our products and see what we have to give you top-quality cannabis cultivation.

Why Should You Consider Indoor Cannabis Cultivation? 

Cannabis is a delicate plant with many uses. Historically speaking, the Roman Empire loved to use hemp in everyday life and traditionally used it to make tough ropes and garments. Today, hemp is used not only for medicinal purposes but also in products like shampoo, conditioner, and lotions. About 80% of these hemp products come from plants that are grown in indoor cannabis facilities. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Virginia Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner Rids of Most Common Pests
    It is no surprise that cannabis, and plants in general, have a ton of enemies. Everything from bugs and mold to the heat and humidity can keep cannabis plants from growing to their fullest potential. Growing your plants indoors can help eliminate these pests because the walls and Virginia Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner can help you create the optimal growing environment for your cannabis plants.

  • Yields Higher Crop
    On average, the typical cannabis plant will allow one or two yields per year whereas growing cannabis indoors will allow you to harvest three or four times per year. That can be up to four times the average of cannabis yielded from one plant. Switching from outdoor cultivation to indoor, you will benefit financially.

  • Better Quality of Cannabis
    Because you have control over your grow room’s climate, you have a higher chance of creating high-quality cannabis. There’s no need for pesticides for your cannabis when you grow inside to keep those pesky bugs away, so your plants will not have those harmful chemicals on them. You also have the ideal humidity and temperature all year round for your plants so that they can grow to their full potential.

  • Energy Efficient
    With Cultiva Systems Virginia Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner, you have the capability to cool larger areas all while your unit runs faster and less often. It can also cut back on energy costs and consumption all while your cannabis plants thrive. It is a great investment for you, your company, and your plants. If you are interested in Cultiva Systems’ grow room air conditioner and other products, check out our products webpage!
  • Protection and Safety
    One of the biggest threats to outdoor cannabis cultivation is not the animals, the fungi, or the bugs that could harm your plants, but people. About 90% of financial and product loss for cannabis cultivators comes from employee theft. Growing your plants outdoors lacks safety measures and could put you at risk of losing a lot of the product you have worked hard to grow and cultivate. Growing your cannabis indoors allows you to install better security and safety measures. 


There are a lot more reasons why it would be beneficial for you to grow your cannabis indoors all while giving you the flexibility and capabilities to cultivate high-quality cannabis. If you have any questions about Cultiva Systems’ products or have any concerns that need to be addressed, we are more than happy to speak with you. Contact us today! 

About Cultiva Systems and Our Products 

Cultiva Systems is a household name among cannabis cultivators. Our technology is the best on the market and we have worked diligently to create products that not only help cannabis survive and thrive but also help cultivators themselves. 

Cannabis can be tricky to grow, especially indoors. Without the proper ventilation and humidity levels, cannabis can become ‘skunk weed’ or die off entirely, however, with products such as Cultiva Systems’ Virginia Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner, you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience growing your cannabis indoors. We also provide rooftop HVAC systems and control panels that make growing cannabis a breeze!

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