Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC

Growing cannabis is a fickle thing. You have to get the environment perfect in order to get the right growing conditions from having the right level of humidity to having the ideal temperature. Using a Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC system from Cultiva Systems can help with that. Cultiva Systems uses top-of-the-line technology to help our indoor cannabis cultivators grow high-quality cannabis in any grow room. If you are interested in using Cultiva Systems HVAC systems, contact us today! 

What Benefits Do You Get With a Cultiva Systems Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC System? 

Cultiva Systems Virginia Commercial Cannis HVAC is a top-quality product that gives indoor cultivators the flexibility to grow their cannabis the best way possible. Our systems are 100% environmentally controlled and help cultivators get the ideal humidity and temperature. Here is why it is important to use a commercial cannabis HVAC system to grow your cannabis:

  • Bigger Yields
    On average, cannabis yields once a year, or twice a year if you are lucky, but when you grow indoors, your cannabis crops will yield three to four times per year. Because you have a better controlled environment, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pests, mold, or diseases hurting your crops, therefore they grow stronger and healthier. A key component of that is using an HVAC system in your grow room.

  • Reduces Potential Threats to Cannabis Plants
    Like any other plot of plants you have, there will always be threats to the health of your cannabis plants. Diseases, mold, bugs, animals and so much more can harm your cannabis causing your cannabis plant to be damaged or even die out completely. Growing your plants indoors can keep them protected from these threats so they can be better cannabis to use or sell.

  • Eliminates Bad Odor
    It is no surprise that where there is cannabis there is a distinct odor. People sometimes think that the smell comes after it is cut, but that same smell comes about during the growing process. The cannabis smell can seep into your clothes, the room, etc without the proper ventilation. Using a Cultiva Systems HVAC system can release that smell outdoors so it does not become a permanent issue. 

  • Pumps Fresh Air Into the Grow Room
    One thing that plants love is fresh air and oxygen, but they hate carbon dioxide. An HVAC system in your grow room will help bring in fresh air while getting rid of all the carbon dioxide and old air in the grow room. Cultiva Systems’ HVAC system has multiple air pathways with removable panels that are field configurable as top, rear, and front discharge with return air coming from the back of the unit. 


There are many more reasons why having a Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC system in your grow room is beneficial. It isn’t only great for your cannabis plants or facility, but it is also great for you as a cultivator and seller. If you are interested in purchasing a Cultiva System HVAC system, contact us today!

About Cultiva Systems 

Cultiva Systems is a top seller for Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC systems and other indoor cannabis cultivation products. When you buy any of our products, you not only get a great product that helps you grow strong cannabis plants but you also get full support from our team. From the order and installation and beyond, Cultiva Systems is right there to answer any questions you have or address any of your concerns.

Aside from cultivators having a positive indoor growing experience, we also want to help you save money and conserve energy. HVAC systems are a major consumer of electrical energy intake and we want to provide cultivators with the opportunity to go green. Cultiva Systems’ products are designed to be energy efficient. Our HVAC Systems use fan and compressor components to help make that possible. In the long run, using a Cultiva Systems Virginia Commercial Cannabis HVAC system in your grow room will help save you money on energy costs and will help you harvest a bigger yield.

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