New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

Are you looking for help with your New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design? If so, then you’re in the right place—Cultiva Systems provides high-quality HVAC equipment specifically designed for indoor agriculture and cannabis cultivation. We’ve helped growers across the country and internationally design and implement HVAC systems capable of handling the various loads that occur in the grow environment.

Why work with Cultiva Systems? We understand the value of your crop and what it takes to make it thrive. We put our industry experience to use to help companies maximize the potential of their crop and grow their business (along with their cannabis!) To talk to a member of our staff about the needs of your grow room, all you have to do is call 623-556-7598 or send a message to [email protected]. To learn more about grow room needs, keep reading; we’ve prepared a short guide to the importance of specialized HVAC systems for cannabis crops.

The Importance of New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

Marijuana is one of the most valuable crops grown in the United States. The legal cannabis industry generated approximately 25 billion dollars in 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With a crop this valuable, it’s important to provide it with the care necessary to help it thrive, which is why growers need to invest in an HVAC system specifically designed for the grow room environment.  

Why Use a Grow Room?

New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC DesignFirst of all, we need to define exactly what a grow room is; it’s a designated space that’s set apart for the sole purpose of growing cannabis. A grow room can be as basic or sophisticated as you’d like, from a small greenhouse to a large warehouse or anything in between. Regardless of the size or sophistication of the building you choose, the grow room must be specifically designed to provide the environment necessary to produce a high yield.

While it is possible to grow cannabis outdoors, the truth is that yields will be much lower if the crop is grown in an open space because you have a lot less control over the plants’ growing environment. Using a designated grow room will also allow you to have more control over the potency of the plant plus keep it safe from insects, disease, and theft.

Why Use a Specialized HVAC System?

Cannabis isn’t like every other crop; there are special considerations you need to keep in mind while growing it, such as temperature, humidity, and odor management.

  1. Temperature Control

Temperature is a key element when growing cannabis. For most strains, the ideal growing environment is between 70-85 °F during the vegetative stage and around 65-80°F during the flowering stage. If you fail to maintain the ideal temperature, bud quality and crop yield will be low.   

  1. Humidity Regulation

Though often overlooked by amateur growers, professionals know that humidity must also be well-regulated to ensure the best quality. When plants are raised in an environment with overly humid conditions, they grow a lot more slowly. The excess moisture in the air can also accumulate on leaves, which leads to mold, mildew, and bud rot. If the grow environment is too dry, cannabis plants will become dehydrated, which also stagnates growth.

  1. Odor Management

Another vital reason to include a specialized system as part of your New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design is to help with odor control. The odor of cannabis is strong and distinctive; because of this pungent smell, many local governments require growers to invest in a system to reduce the odor, so it doesn’t infiltrate neighborhoods nearby. In the past, there have been growing operations shut down because they didn’t properly control the smell. To be sure your operation can stay up and running, it’s wise to invest in an HVAC system designed specifically for grow rooms that’s capable of reducing the cannabis smell.

Contact Us for Your New York Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design

If you’d like to explore the options available for your New York commercial grow room HVAC design, contact the experts at Cultiva Systems. After evaluating your grow room needs, we’ll create an HVAC system that’s customized just for your operation. We work directly with mechanical engineers to ensure you get a system that maximizes your crop’s potential while remaining easy to use and maintain. To get started, reach out to us or just give us a call at 623-556-7598.