Michigan Indoor Farming

Michigan Indoor Farming for Cannabis is has become increasingly popular in the years since recreational usage was legalized in 2018. There are many reasons why commercial cannabis growers prefer to farm indoors with the most obvious being the ability to fully control your plants’ environment. But controlling the grow room environment requires a vital piece of equipment – an HVAC unit.

If you need an HVAC system that will keep up with the demands of the grow room environment, then contact the team at Cultiva Systems. We’ve helped countless commercial growers just like you all across the United States and Canada. Our HVAC systems are specifically designed with the grow room in mind and customized to meet the needs of your business.

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The Benefits of Michigan Indoor Farming for Cannabis

Indoor cannabis farming has been an increasingly popular alternative to outdoor growing. While some may prefer the low cost of growing outdoors, there are several compelling reasons why indoor growing may be worth exploring.

1.   Full Control Over the Environment

In the cannabis industry, it is important to have full control over the environment your plants grow in. The cannabis plant requires specific environmental conditions, such as the right amount of light, water, and temperature in order to grow properly. Controlling these variables will help ensure your plants are productive and healthy.

Michigan Indoor Farming for cannabis2.   Manage Plants During the Flowering Stage

Cannabis plants go through a life cycle just like many other living beings. Cannabis plants will grow vegetatively and then flower. The flowering stage of cannabis is the most critical part of the plant’s life cycle because this is when the plant starts to produce THC crystals. Temperatures during the flowering stage must be strictly controlled or else the plants won’t reach the desired potency and the end product won’t meet your customers’ expectations. This level of control isn’t an option when growing cannabis outdoors; it’s only available with an indoor growing operation.

3.   Easier to Repel Insects and Other Pests

Another benefit of Michigan Indoor Farming for Cannabis is that it’s easier to repel insects and other pests. The most common pests, such as aphids and whiteflies, are less likely to infest indoor plants because the environment is controlled and offers fewer hiding places for these bugs. Once insects and other pests infest cannabis plants, they can be difficult to get rid of. In fact, it’s not unheard of for some outdoor growers to lose their entire crop to pests. However, cannabis farmers who grow plants indoors can effectively repel these bugs and keep their crops safe from any pesky visitors.

4.   Faster Seed-to-Harvest Time

Growing cannabis indoors can lead to a faster seed-to-harvest time. This is due to the ability to control factors such as light cycles, temperature, humidity and more – all important aspects that contribute to growth. With less time between planting a seed and harvesting the plant, indoor farmers are able to keep plants healthier and produce more crops per year.

5.   The Ability to Harvest Year-Round

Another major benefit of Michigan Indoor Farming is the ability to harvest crops year-round. With the use of grow lights and HVAC systems, indoor growers can extend their harvesting season to every month of the year. This leads to higher profits because you’re able to sell produce throughout the year, not just during regular growing seasons.

6.   Higher THC Levels

Michigan Indoor Farming makes it possible to control the environment to give cannabis plants the perfect conditions for producing high THC levels. With indoor farming, it’s possible to maintain a stable indoor environment and produce amazing results in just a few months.

7.   Consistency in Crop Production

Michigan Indoor Farming for cannabis is a more hands-on process, which leads to more consistency in crop production. With indoor cannabis farming, the farmer can control the environment and make sure that their plants have everything they need to grow healthy and strong. The controlled environment also means that the plant will be exposed to fewer environmental stresses, which could lead to stronger plants with less chance for disease.

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Michigan Indoor Farming for Cannabis offers several distinct advantages over outdoor farming, including the ability to control temperature, lighting, and humidity. But to have this level of control, you need an HVAC system that’s designed for cannabis cultivation. To order an HVAC unit for your grow room contact Cultiva Systems today. We can be reached by phone at 623-556-7598 or by completing the contact form provided on our website.