Indoor Agriculture Is The Way Of The Future

Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems indoor grow room

We usually think of plants and food being grown outside and in the ground. It’s how farming has been done for centuries. With new technology and controls, we are now growing food, spices, and marijuana indoors. Indoor Agriculture is the way of the future, and with HVAC equipment from Cultiva Systems, it’s never been easier to grow indoors.

Cultiva Systems is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that operates all over North America. We’ve helped many growing operations in the United States and Canada and we’re ready to help you start your indoor farm too! Take a look at our Sales Brochure to learn more or contact us and one of our friendly team members will help you identify which HVAC system best compliments your Indoor Agriculture needs.

Benefits of Indoor Agriculture Growth with Cultiva Systems

Indoor Agriculture to produce bountiful crops year-round is the way of the future

If you picture a traditional farm you think of something that is outside and takes a lot of land. There are lots of variables in traditional farming that can affect the bounty of crops such as the weather, pests, and the soil. With Indoor Agriculture lots of these unpredictable factors can be controlled and be harvested in a more efficient way. This helps farmers create more bountiful and cleaner crops while helping protect the planet.

Indoor and vertical farms are operations where crops are grown in control of indoor environments. Usually, these operations are quite large and can scale multiple floors. The idea of the traditional farm spanning acres of land is now a thing of the past. Growing more bountiful crops year-round indoors doesn’t require nearly as much space.

Indoor crops can grow more robust and yield more fruit and because it is easier to control conditions such as water, soil, and weather. Fewer unpredictable changes in climate reduce stress on crops which will help them produce better. Indoor farms use energy-efficient UV lights to keep the sun out all day. Irrigation systems keep the soil at the ideal level of moisture so there are no worries about droughts or floods. Water is recycled and reused saving over 50% of water usage and requires less fertilizer. Indoor Agriculture prevents harmful insects from feasting on plants. Without bugs and pests, indoor farms do not need pesticides and harmful chemicals applied to them. Keeping crops organic and clean.

How Indoor Agriculture Can Improve Growing Operations

When you have a large cannabis growing operation, the lack of pesticides in your products is extremely important. The FDA regulates the purity of cannabis-derived products. Marijuana crops that are treated with pesticides and chemicals cannot be used for tinctures as they could cause harm to the person using them. Growing marijuana indoors prevents this contamination. Being able to control the climate in your indoor farm is essential for growing bountiful crops year-round. Cultiva Systems not only create the ideal climate for your crops but we also use energy-saving technology that can save you big on operating costs in the long run.

How Cultiva Systems Can Help You Grow

Controlling your environment in an Indoor Agricultural operation is essential for bountiful crops

Plants are picky when it comes to how much sun and moisture they need. The moisture and temperature are controllable factors that can help your plant’s development. Standard household air conditioners and humidifiers don’t quite cut it when it comes to growing.

At Cultiva Systems, our HVAC systems are ideal for growing. Our system combines air conditioning and a dehumidifier to create a controlled environment that plants love. In most cases, when starting an Indoor Agriculture operation two separate pieces of equipment would be needed. With Cultiva Systems, we’ve combined two climate controlling systems into one saving you time and energy. Our system is flexible for the needs of the plants. Most other systems fall short in dehumidification, CO2 levels, or temperature control. Cultiva Systems account for all of these factors and give growers the ability to precisely control these conditions.

We mentioned how Indoor Agriculture is energy efficient with water usage, but with Cultiva Systems, you can also save energy with climate control operations. Cultiva Systems uses heat recovery technology to keep the growing room at a precise temperature even at night. Without heat recovery, to keep operations consistent you may need additional heating elements such as gas or extra lights at night. Our efficient fan and compressor components intergraded with equipment design provides maximum energy efficiency while achieving desired conditions. Therefore, lowering the operating cost to the grower.

Contact Cultiva Systems Today

Cultiva Systems are perfect for starting your large Indoor Agriculture operations over 1500 square feet. Whether you’re growing food or medicinal marijuana, we work with you to find the ideal placement for your new HVAC system either indoors or outdoors. We understand that your crops are your livelihood and when conditions aren’t perfect there could be terrible consequences. That’s why our support team is available whenever you need us to make sure your crops don’t stop growing.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cultiva Systems, contact us today. One of our friendly representatives will work with you so you can start growing as soon as possible.