Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification

When investing in an Illinois grow room, it’s important to consider factors like cooling and dehumidification and how they can affect your cannabis crop. Here’s what you need to know about the grow room environment and the need to control it to improve bud quality and maximize yield.

Reasons to Control Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification

While cannabis is considered an agricultural product, it can’t be treated like any other crop. Growing cannabis requires special considerations, especially regarding cooling and dehumidification. Here’s why Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification levels are important:

Temperature Control

The temperature in your grow room has a profound affect on the growth of your plants. If the temperature is off even by just a few degrees, the health of your crops could be in danger.

Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification for marijuanaGenerally speaking, most cannabis strains grow best in an environment that’s between 70-85°F during the vegetative stage and around 65-80°F during the flowering stage. If the temperature in your grow room is less than ideal, the rate of your plants’ growth will slow down considerably, which will lower bud quality and yields. There are also certain types of molds that thrive in lower temperatures, especially when it’s damp, which could put your plants at risk if the correct temperature isn’t maintained.

Having temperatures that are higher than ideal can be just as damaging as low temperatures in the growing environment. Hotter temperatures can also slow down your plants’ growth. If this occurs during the flowering stage, it could lead to low-quality buds that are loose, dry, and airy. High heat also makes cannabis more susceptible to problems such as white powdery mildew, root rot, spider mites, and wilting.

Humidity Regulation

Regulating the humidity in your grow room is just as important as controlling the temperature. Cannabis needs a very specific environment during its various stages of growth in order to thrive. If cannabis is raised in an environment with too much moisture in the air, its growth rate will stagnate leading to low yields. Excess water in the environment also contributes to many plant diseases and encourages the development of mold and mildew.

Conditions that are too low in humidity can also be problematic. We all know that plants need water to grow. Even if you continue to water your cannabis plants, keeping them in a low-humidity environment can cause them to lose more moisture than they’re taking in, which causes them to become dehydrated and wilt.

How to Control Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification

Finding the right balance of Illinois Grow Room Cooling and Dehumidification during each of the growing stages is vital for improving bud quality and maximizing yields. Here’s what you need to be able to control these factors and help your plants thrive:

1. A Grow Room – The first thing you need to be able to control the growing environment is a grow room. Your grow room can be as simple or sophisticated as you’d like—anything from a simple plastic-sided greenhouse to a large warehouse space. The size and material don’t particularly matter much; what does matter is that you have a space set aside for the sole purpose of cultivating cannabis. And while it is possible to grow your crop outside, this will likely expose your plants to additional pests and diseases, lowering your yields.

2. An HVAC System That’s Designed for Cannabis Cultivation – If you want to be able to control the growing environment and maximize yields, you need an HVAC system that’s been specially designed for cannabis cultivation. Any old HVAC unit simply won’t do—they’re not nearly sophisticated enough to keep up with the demands of the grow room. Growers who attempt to find a cheap solution to climate control by relying on HVAC units built for residential use will likely end up with low yields and a poor-quality product.

3. Feedback About Your Growth Environment – One of the biggest perks of purchasing a specialized HVAC system is it can provide you with valuable information about your grow room environment. Using the data your HVAC system provides, you can alter the environment as needed and greatly improve the quality of your crop.

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