Have total Climate Control of your environment.

Controlling your Indoor Marijuana Grow facility has never been easier!  The FS32 controller’s built-in Web Server, powered by PHP and HTML5 graphics, is multi-platform and multi-device compatible. User connectivity can be hard-wired by Ethernet or is WiFi accessible with our supplied router. A rich, informative user interface is provided for operational status, I/O monitoring setpoint adjustment, configuration, internal scheduling, historical data collection, and alarm reporting. Application backup and restore features are a part of the user interface utilities as well as customizable user access accounts. Integration with building automation systems made easy with native BACnet IP / MSTP and Modbus TCP / RTU.

Our standard sequence of operations includes space temp/humidity control, CO2 injection, purge, high CO2 alarm strobes, and lighting. You’ll Indoor Marijuana Grow facility will yield the best crops once you have control of your specialized HVAC system from Cultiva Systems. Contact us to learn more!