California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC

Do you need help finding a California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC system? If so, you’re in the right place. At Cultiva Systems, we provide high-quality HVAC systems to professional growers across the United States and in Canada. Our customized HVAC systems have been engineered to meet the very specific needs of commercial grow rooms.

If you’d like to talk to a staff member about our HVAC systems, you can reach us by phone at 623-556-7598 or via email at  [email protected]. For more guidance on finding the right HVAC unit for your growing business, keep reading; we’ve prepared a quick guide on HVAC do’s and don’ts for California cannabis cultivation.

California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC Do’s and Don’ts

In the commercial marijuana industry, HVAC technology is vital to making sure your plants thrive without getting damaged by the environment. Unfortunately, California growers who don’t have experience with environmental control technologies can make errors that cost them both money and their crop, so it’s important to understand how to choose an effective California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC system. To help you avoid any costly mistakes, here are some HVAC do’s and don’ts.

California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC1.   Do Get an HVAC Unit That Can Handle Changing Conditions

Cannabis plants require very specific conditions for growth. The ideal temperature range for cannabis growth during the vegetative stage is between 70°F to 85°F for most strains. This requirement changes a bit during the flowering stage, with plants needing an environment in the 65°F to 80°F range.

A standard air conditioner won’t be able to adapt well to these changing conditions (especially since this example doesn’t even factor in humidity.) If you want your plants to thrive, you need a California cannabis cultivation HVAC system capable of keeping up with a wide range of environmental conditions.

2.   Do Get an HVAC Unit That You Can Control

The stringent requirements for growing healthy cannabis plants also means you need an HVAC unit that you can easily control. And we don’t mean just being able to set a desired temperature; you must be able to control humidity and account for changes in the environment due to the weather, lighting, air flow, etc. to prevent fungal infections and root rot.

3.   Do Get an HVAC Unit That Provides Feedback

A data-gathering HVAC unit is one of many ways to make sure that your cannabis plants receive an optimal amount of air and water at every step of their growth cycle. Not only can such a system be used to track how things are going and make sure that everything is staying within a healthy range, but it can also provide you with real-time feedback on adjustments needed so you don’t accidentally harm your plants.

4.   Do Choose an HVAC Company with Experience in the Cannabis Industry

Most HVAC companies are used to creating standard cooling and heating units, but they might not be able to build a custom system needed for a cannabis cultivation facility. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best equipment for your California grow room, it’s a good idea to work with an HVAC contractor who has experience in the cannabis industry.

5.   Do Provide the HVAC Company with Specifications 

Once you’ve selected an HVAC company with experience in the cannabis industry, it’s important to give them as much information as possible about the growing environment. It’s best if you can tell them exactly what kind of strain will be grown, the ideal temperature and humidity range, what size room it will go in, where its entrance is located, etc. That way they’ll know exactly what type of system to build to keep your crops healthy and thriving.

6.   Don’t Get a Non-Commercial HVAC Unit

Non-commercial units, like those found in residential homes, will not effectively cool marijuana plants. Growing operations that try to cut corners by purchasing a residential unit will end up spending a lot more money on electricity in the long run. Professional California growers need commercial HVAC units to keep their harvest flourishing in the ideal environment. So instead of trying to take shortcuts, make things easy by getting a commercial unit in the first place.

7.   Don’t Purchase the Cheapest Unit Possible

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give is to not purchase the cheapest unit possible. You may be cutting costs now, but it’s only a matter of time before you will want to upgrade or replace it.

Another reason why cheap equipment is not always a good idea is because there are strict requirements from state licensing authorities regarding your California Cannabis Cultivation HVAC equipment and its ability to produce clean air in such a high-temperature environment. If you buy an inexpensive system, it’s likely that its efficiency rating won’t be high enough to pass these standards; therefore, you can face fines if you choose to use it.

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