Arizona Indoor Farming

As technology advances, more commercial cannabis cultivators and amateur growers are turning to Arizona Indoor Farming. Thanks to companies like Cultiva Systems, indoor commercial cannabis cultivation has never been easier. A lot of issues outdoor growers face are no longer an issue and cannabis farmers can harvest their cannabis up to four times more than if they grew cannabis outside. Cultiva Systems offers a selection of products that will help you be successful in your cannabis cultivating venture whether it be for your own personal use or to sell better quality cannabis. 

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Challenges of Growing Cannabis Indoors 

Arizona Indoor Farming cannabis cropThough there are a lot of great things about growing cannabis indoors, there are a few challenges indoor cannabis farmers face. 

  • Humidity
    In grow rooms, moisture can become trapped in the grow room and create high levels of humidity. High humidity can make it difficult for your cannabis plants to thrive and develop by stunting their growth and reducing the size and quality of their bud. If you decide to dabble in Arizona Indoor Farming, you need to have the ability to control the humidity in your grow room.
  • Strong Odors
    It is no surprise that cannabis has a distinct odor that is very strong and can attach itself to clothes, hair, and skin. It isn’t a pleasant smell and if you grow at home or in a room without the right ventilation, the smell will waft throughout the room and the building.
  • Not the Most Eco-Friendly Solution
    Did you know that 1 acre of hemp can produce as much oxygen as a 25-acre forest? Cannabis is actually a great source of oxygen and can absorb as much as 7 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Studies suggest that growing hemp outside can help eliminate greenhouse gases and improve our atmosphere with less square footage being taken up.

  • Indoor Pests
    Though you won’t have to worry about outdoor pests, environmental factors, or people stealing your hemp outdoors, there are still a few small pests that you will have to worry about, such as spider mites. Spider mites love spinning webs on the leaves of cannabis and can cause bud rot when their eggs hatch. The best way to get rid of them is by using an insecticide or neem oil.

  • Lack of Ventilation
    A lack of ventilation in your grow room can increase the humidity, cause mold to build up, and trap odors from the cannabis plants inside. Having the proper ventilation system will allow your plants to breathe as well as air out the room and rid it of excess moisture. 


Cultiva Systems Arizona Indoor Farming Products 

Cultiva Systems offers our customers package rooftop systems, vertical and horizontal self-contained indoor farming HVAC systems, and controls that allow you to manage the humidity and temperature at your fingertips. All of Cultiva Systems products are 100% environmentally controlled and you can get full support from our team once you get one of our products. 

Our package rooftop is air-cooled and water-cooled and is available in sizes from 10 to 60 tons. This product includes a rooftop and ground mount. There are multiple air pathways with a bottom discharge and return, a horizontal discharge and return, and a top discharge with a horizontal return. 

Cultiva Systems’ vertical and horizontal self-contained Arizona Indoor Farming HVAC system is available in air-cooled and water-cooled designs ranging in sizes from 10 to 45 tons. This HVAC system is built with multiple air pathways with removable panels that are field-configurable as top, rear, and front discharge with return air from the back of the unit. 

What modern cannabis grow room is complete without a control panel that allows you to control everything about your grow room’s environment? Cultiva System has an F532 controller that is multi-device and multi-platform compatible. Our control panel gives you the freedom to control the room’s temperature, humidity, CO2 injections, purge, and high CO2 alarms with strobes and lighting.  

Cultiva Systems wants cannabis cultivators to get the most out of their buds and provide them with the best technology in order for them to grow quality buds. For more information about our products, check out our website

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