Arizona Grow Room Cooling

Cultiva Systems is your number one stop shop for indoor cannabis cultivation. With our Arizona Grow Room Cooling systems, your cannabis yields are sure to be more bountiful and higher quality. Our cooling systems are state-of-the-art and can fit in any size growing room.  We pride ourselves on our products and our customer service. When you go with Cultiva Systems, you get 100% control over your grow room, and full customer support from our team, all while you save money when growing high-quality products. 

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Cultiva Systems for Arizona Grow Room Cooling 

Cultiva Systems has products that are meant to last. We work directly with engineers and contractors to build the best indoor cultivation equipment possible. Our support begins when you decide to go with us and begin the design process of your grow room. Our team will walk with you through every process from the equipment startup, commissioning, owner training, and beyond. We guarantee to help you and your cannabis grow. 

What makes Cultiva Systems HVAC so special to cannabis cultivators and indoor gardeners alike is the fact that all of our products are customizable and designed specifically for your needs. Our control panels are top-of-the-line and allow you to have total control over the humidity, temperature, CO2 injections, purge, high CO2 alarm strobes, and lighting. Our HVAC system is ideal for anyone needing an Arizona Grow Room Cooling system. It has multiple air pathways that are built in with removable panels that are field configurable as top, rear, and front discharge with return air from the rear section of the unit. Cultiva’s HVAC system is perfect for heating and cooling your grow room and getting it to that perfect temperature for your cannabis. Another positive attribute of Cultiva’s HVAC system is that it pushes out the strong spell from the cannabis and expells it outside, so you do not have to have the strong aroma of cannabis lingering around your business or home.
Arizona Grow Room Cooling cultivator

It is important to have the proper temperature and humidity for the cannabis you grow. The ideal temperature for growing cannabis is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of about 40 to 50. This kind of climate provides cultivators with large, healthy buds and a higher quality of products.  

Benefits of Growing Cannabis Inside 

Did you know that about 80% of cannabis is grown in indoor grow rooms? There’s a reason for that. Indoor cannabis cultivators have found that growing cannabis plants in a grow room allows them to choose the specific parts of the light spectrum they want to expose their cannabis plants. For example, exposing cannabis plants to far-red lighting can stimulate cannabis stem growth and flowering while exposing them to blue light in small amounts can prevent uneven elongation of stems and leaf shrinkage. This technique can also make cannabis plants look prettier. Cannabis plants that have been exposed to different colors can reveal a small strand of a variety of colors in buds ranging from blue to orange. 

Growing cannabis indoors also allows you to grow them all year round and cultivators can harvest their cannabis plants about 3 to 4 times a year. This gives indoor cannabis cultivators a chance to get higher yields from their plants and produce more products. Indoor growing also gives crops more consistency. The perfect temperature and humidity created by Cultiva Systems’ Arizona Grow Room Cooling products will make your cannabis plants grow the same and provide them with a stable environment. 

Aside from the consistency, cannabis plants will be of higher quality. Cannabis plants will have a higher percentage of THC and you won’t have to worry about using chemicals like pesticides on your plants. Because they grow more organically, your cannabis will be cleaner and better for the cannabis consumer. 

Lastly, your grow room has a lot more security and protection when you grow indoors. Aside from the usual pests like bugs and animals to graze on your cannabis, some people look to steal your product. If your cannabis is grown indoors, you have a better chance of keeping those threats out and your plants in.

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Cultiva System’s Arizona Grow Room Cooling is ideal for any cannabis cultivator, whether it is for commercial or personal cultivation, our products are the best at helping keep your cannabis happy, healthy, and growing. For more information about our products or if you would like to order an HVAC system or control panel from us, check out our website! We look forward to helping you grow!