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Are you looking for an Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design that is state of the art and will improve the functionality of your grow room? Cultiva Systems has the HVAC system for you. No matter the size of your grow room, our HVAC systems are all customizable and can be designed the way our customers want. We offer multiple sizes and configurations for our products. 

Cutiva specializes in grow rooms and we have spent a lot of time perfecting our products to give cannabis cultivators the best bang for their buck. We work with our customers to meet their needs so they can grow the best quality of cannabis. For more information about Cultiva or our products send us an email or give us a call

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What Does Cultiva’s Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design Do?

Commercial cannabis that is grown indoors is not a new concept. Studies show that about 80% of cannabis is grown indoors. Like succulents, cannabis is particular about the conditions it thrives in. If the room is too humid or too cold, the cannabis plant will become damaged or simply die. Luckily for cannabis farmers, Cultiva has products that make growing cannabis easier!

 Cultiva’s Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design was created with the intention of helping cannabis plants improve in quality and in crop yield. Our HVAC system is designed to cool and dehumidify the grow room as well as control unwanted odors and improve the environment. 

Cultiva’s Vertical and Horizontal Self-Contained Indoor Farming HVAC System is customizable. It can come with air-cooling or water-cooling and with multiple air pathways complete with removable panels that are field configurable as top, rear, and front discharge with return air from the rear of the unit. 

When cannabis growers buy from Cultiva systems, they are guaranteed to get the best service. All of our products are environmentally controlled, customers receive 100% support from our team, and our products are designed to create the ideal temperature and humidity for your grow room. For more information about our Vertical and Horizontal Self-Contained Indoor Farming HVAC System or any of our other products visit our website


Why Should You Grow Cannabis Indoors? 

Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design plant growth

Though a majority of commercially grown cannabis is grown indoors, there is still about 20% that is still cultivated outside. Cannabis cultivators that grow indoors have seen an increase in yield and quality of their products after growing indoors. Thanks to the lack of pests and plant diseases, they no longer need to use pesticides or herbicides. This creates a much cleaner and healthier crop. 

Growing cannabis indoors also gives cultivators the flexibility to control the grow room’s environment. Say goodbye to the highly humid days and hello to the days when your plants are protected from the elements and harsh weather. When you use Cultiva’s Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design, you will no longer need to worry about your grow room’s environment. It will always be the perfect temperature and humidity in your room. 

As briefly mentioned before, after cannabis cultivators started growing indoors, they realized their plants weren’t becoming diseased. Because the plants were protected from outside threats, such as fungi, viruses, mold, bacteria, and so much more, they didn’t need to use chemicals to protect the cannabis plants. Now they yield healthier and cleaner cannabis. 

A common concern for cannabis cultivators is the energy costs of a grow room. In reality, growing indoors is actually energy efficient and saves on energy costs further down the road. Cultiva’s HVAC systems have the capability to cool larger areas at a faster rate and will run less often than a typical HVAC system. 

Cultiva Systems has worked with specialists and engineers to perfect the way cultivators grow cannabis indoors. Our Arizona Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design is customizable, and comes in sizes ranging from 10 to 45 tones, so it can be built perfectly for your needs. If you’re interested in installing an HVAC system in your grow room, contact us to get started on building your perfect grow room!

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