Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner

As a commercial cannabis cultivator, your bud is your product. You want it to be the best quality of cannabis, and it to grow to its full potential. When choosing an Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner, you want to choose the best, so why not choose Cultiva Systems to do your installation? 

Cultiva Systems have provided the indoor cannabis cultivation industry with state-of-the-art technology that makes cannabis cultivation easier and efficient. Say good-bye to the heat spells, the cold snaps and the pesky insects, because Cultiva has the right system for you. If you’re interested in installing a Cultiva system, call us at (623)-556-7598 or email our sales team at [email protected]

Why Do You Need an Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner? 

Cannabis can be a difficult plant to grow if it is not grown in the proper conditions. The air quality and temperature can affect the quality of your cannabis, meaning if the room is too hot or too dry you could end up with a bad batch. The lights used in the grow room can add a lot of heat to your room. Luckily, we have the solution for you. 

Cultiva Systems recommend that for any commercial or home grown cultivator, that you use an Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner.  Depending on the type of grow room you have, whether it be a flowering room, a veg room or a mother room, having an air conditioner in your room will make all the difference. 

Growing cannabis is more than a hobby. For some, this is their livelihood, and it is important to invest in something that puts food on the table and clothes on your back. Cultiva understands that, and wants to give you as much bang for your buck. Our systems are state-of-the-art and offer cultivators the flexibility to control the climate for their grow rooms. Our heating and cooling systems have never made growing cannabis so easy.  

5 Benefits of Installing an Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner

Now that you know why you should have an air conditioner installed in your grow room, you should know why you sound choose Cultiva’s commercial grow room air conditioner: 

Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner in use

1. Reduces Pests

Growing cannabis indoors eliminates a lot of threats to your yield. When you install a Cultiva air conditioner and other systems, your cannabis won’t be exposed to outside pests like insects and animals. You also won’t have to spend money on pesticides to keep them away, making the cannabis you sell pesticide-free and clean of unnecessary chemicals.  

2. Climate Control and Environmental Improvements 

The Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner gives cultivators the flexibility to adjust the temperature and humidity in their grow rooms that are perfect for any strand of cannabis that you may be growing. Installing an air conditioner in your grow room will also improve the air quality by eliminating odors. 

3. More Energy Efficient 

Conserving energy and environmental preservation is important. When you buy a Cultiva’s heating and air conditioning system, you end up helping save the planet and save money. Our cool larger areas faster than most other air conditioning units. They also don’t run as often, which means you spend less money on your energy bills, and you are getting the most out of your investment. 

For more information, check out the about us page on our website for ways our units save you money and the environment.

Check out some of our products and find what is best suited for your indoor cannabis growing needs. 

4. Eliminates Diseased Plants 

Every year, more plants are becoming riddled with diseases caused by fungi, insects, bacteria, viruses and parasitic plants. When you grow your plants inside, and use a Cultiva air conditioner, you eliminate the risk of your cannabis contracting a disease that can easily spread to all your crops. 

5. Higher Cannabis Yields 

Eliminating the threat of insects and diseases, and having the capability to adjust the climate of your growing room any time you please, you will have a higher yield of cannabis crops. In no time, Cultiva’s air conditioning system will pay for itself. 

Contact Cultiva for Installation

Cultiva System units are versatile and can be used in new or existing grow rooms. Cultiva works with contractors and mechanical engineers to find you the best options for your grow room, and provide services all across the United States and Canada. Cultiva grow room systems are also low maintenance and state-of-the-art. If you’re interested in an Arizona Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioner, contact us by phone at 623-556-7598 or via email at [email protected].