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What is the number one thing you need to have an amazing grow room that gives you the best results from your cannabis? You need high-quality Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems so your plants grow healthy and strong, lucky for you, Cultiva Systems has the best grow room HVAC system for cannabis cultivators. Whether you have been growing cannabis for years, or you are just beginging to grow your knowledg, Cultiva Systems has the right product for you. For information about our products, check out our website

What Makes Cultiva Systems’ Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems So Great?  

When you care for your cannabis, and grow it in a grow room, you want to give it the best chances at growing big and healthy. In order to do that, you need to get the proper equipment to give it the best chance at growing. Cultiva Systems’ Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems are some of the best grow room HVAC systems on the market. Our products are 100% environmentally controlled, and provides cultivators with ideal temperature and humidity in their grow rooms. But what products does Cultiva Systems have to offer? 

  • Package Rooftop
    Cultiva Systems package rooftop system is ground and roof top mount with multiple air paths that discharge and return air from outside the grow room and within the grow room. This system is air and water cooled and available in sizes from 10 tons to 60 tons. 

  • Vertical and Horizontal Self-Contained Indoor Farming HVAC System
    The vertical and horizontal self-contained indoor farming HVAC system is perfect for any size or shape grow room. This system is designed with multiple air pathways that include removable panels that are field configurable as top, front, and rear discharge with a return vent located on the back side of the unit. Much like the package rooftop system, the vertical and horizontal self-contained indoor farming HVAC system is also air or water cooled and is available in sizes ranging from 10 tons to 45 tons.

  • F532 Control Panel
    Arguably, the most important, and exciting, product Cultiva Systems has to offer is our F532 Control Panel. This device allows you to control the lighting, humidity levels, CO2 injections, air purging, high CO2 alarm strobes, and so much more. The F532 Control Panel is multi-device and multi-platform compatible, so you will not have to worry about using new software or equipment to purchase this control panel. 

If you are interested in any of these products, check out our products page for more information about them! We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your Cultiva Systems grow room HVAC system when you contact us

Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Your Cannabis Indoors 

Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems indoor grow roomGrowing your cannabis indoors can be rewarding and so much more simplier than growing your cannabis outside. Sure there are a few challanges when you don’t have the proper equipment, but if you grow your cannabis inside, you will see that the it is more beneficial for you and your plants. 

One of the reasons cannabis cultivators like to grow inside is because of the security. When cannabis is grown outside, people and animals can steal your cannabis easily. If it is grown inside, you can have security systems installed, the grow room can be locked up tight, and not as many people will know where your cannabis, if they know that you grow at all. 

Another reason is the fact that growning cannabis inside will eliminate all sorts of natural pests. Things like fungi, plant diseases, and terrible weather are all things you no longer have to worry about because your cannabis will be held in a climate controlled room. Using one of Cultiva Systems’ Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems can help give you the perfect amount if humidity and controlled temperature. 

The third reason people may switch from outdoor cannabis farming to indoor farming is because the crop yield is just better all around. Studies have shown that bud from cannabis that is grown indoors is better quality and produces 4 times as much bud as cannabis that is grown outside.

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Cultiva Systems’ Arizona Cannabis HVAC Systems are great for cultivators that want to take the next step in cultivating cannabis indoors. It is perfect for controlling the temperature as well as maintaining ideal humidty levels. If you want to get a started on omptimizing your grow room to grow cannabis today, contact Cultiva Systems! We look forward to helping you grow.