Arizona Cannabis Cultivation

Since November 2020, cannabis and cannabis products have been legalized in the state of Arizona. Many people are growing and selling their cannabis buds, but the problem is that cannabis can be a tricky plant to grow for amateur growers. Luckily, Cultiva Systems has the perfect indoor growing system for your Arizona Cannabis Cultivation for the most seasoned or newest cannabis cultivators. Check out our products to see what is right for you! 

Arizona Cannabis Cultivation and Its Impact 

Cannabis cultivation has increased in popularity over the years and it is only becoming more of a trend. However, it can be difficult to grow cannabis  for new cultivators that may not know about the challenges growing cannabis indoors. Here are a few of the challenges cultivators face: 

  • Arizona Cannabis Cultivation indoorsHumidity Control
    Cannabis plants are particular, especially when it comes to humidity. Too much humidity in your grow room can stunt the growth of your cannabis plants as well as the size of bud and quality. Not to mention your grow room becomes a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Using equipment, like Cultiva Systems’ package rooftop system, can give your room the proper ventilation to help rid the air if excess moisture so you can have thriving cannabis buds.
  • Produces a Pungent Odor
    To anyone that has experience with cannabis, you know how strong of an odor that cannabis can produce, well that is the case when you grow it too. If you grow cannabis indoors, the smell will permeate all throughout the building you are growing it in. Cultiva Systems has the perfect products that are ideal for keeping your grow room fresh and odorless.

  • Concern for Unwanted Pests
    You might be thinking that growing plants indoors eliminates all of the unwanted pests you would typically get from growing cannabis outside and that is true to some extent. Seasoned cannabis cultivators know all too well about the threat of spider mites. Spider mites love cannabis leaves and will create nests in your plants. In no time, they will eat your whole crop of cannabis. It is not ideal, however, with the right pesticide, you can keep those spider mites at bay and have healthy cannabis plants.

  • Grow Room Requires Proper Ventilation
    For reasons like humidity and strong odors, you want the proper ventilation for your plants. Plants require carbon dioxide and need to release oxygen. Too much oxygen and it can kill your cannabis. Cultiva Systems has the equipment you need to get your plants thriving and growing into strong healthy bud.

  • Lack of Sunlight for Optimal Growth
    Like all plants, cannabis requires UV light to grow. One of the great things about cannabis is depending on the light that you use for your plants, they can change color. From Cultiva Systems’ control panel allows you to control the amount of light your cannabis plants recieve on a daily basis. It also has customizable features that give you the flexibility to create the kind of settings you know is best for your Arizona Cannabis Cultivation

About Cultiva Systems

Cultiva Systems is all about bringing cannabis cultivators state of the art technology that not only gives cultivators the flexibility to grow their plants the way they want to but also helps cannabis plants to grow happy and healthy. Our systems help cultivators stay energy efficient. 

When you buy from Cultia Systems, we are happy to be with your every step of the process from ordering your HVAC systems and control panels to the installation, we are there for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and company. We will even help you design your grow room so you get maximum efficiency no matter the size of your grow room. All of our products are customizable and great for small spaces to large commercial use. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Cultiva Systems and we would be happy to help you the best way possible!

Contact Cultiva Systems to Better Optimize Your Arizona Cannabis Cultivation

Are you looking to commercially grow cannabis, or someone who is growing cannabis as a hobby? No matter the reason, Cultiva Systems is happy to help you get the best results out of your indoor cannabis cultivation. If you are interested in getting a state of the art grow room, you should check out our products. For more information about Cultiva Systems and how we can help you, contact us! We look forward to helping you grow.