About Us

Cultiva Systems provides HVAC equipment nationally and internationally for indoor agriculture. Our equipment is designed specifically to handle the varying loads that occur within the grow environment throughout the entire plant life cycle. The Cultiva Systems controls are engineered to maximize the equipment performance and capabilities with the flexibility to be customized to meet the customer’s needs. Cultiva Systems works directly with engineers and contractors to understand the load requirements in a given space to ensure the equipment Cultiva Systems provides will achieve the desired conditions.

Energy efficiency is an ongoing concern and the related HVAC equipment cost can be the highest contributing factor to electrical consumption. Cultiva Systems equipment design reduces your energy consumption by providing efficient fan and compressor components and operation. The Cultiva Systems controls integrates with the equipment design and components to maximize energy efficiency while achieving the desired conditions; therefore, lowering the operating cost to the grower.

Cultiva Systems is available on your time. Our knowledge and support begin in the design phase of a project and continues through equipment startup, commissioning, owner training and beyond.